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star wars breakdown

Disclaimer: Our normal recording device crashed at the end of the episode (go figure), so we were forced to use a backup recording of slightly lesser quality. We apologize for the inconsistent sound of this episode.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has finally been released, and we’re concluding our conversation on the entire cinematic Star Wars franchise. After a quick appetizer of a discussion on the animated Clone Wars movie from 2008, we go on a deep dive into the current era of Star Wars. From The Force Awakens all the way through the newly-released Solo, we engage in some of the most impassioned debates and disagreements we’ve ever had. After that, we all propose our own ideas for the unlikely Star Wars Anthologies we want to see, and they might not be what you expect. Enjoy!

Question for you: What’s a Star Wars Anthology you would want to see on the big screen? Also, what are your views on the Disney era of Star Wars?

Hosted by Sam Noland, Jason Read, and Anthony Battaglia!


  • 1:41 – The Clone Wars
  • 8:44 – The Force Awakens
  • 37:05 – Rogue One
  • 51:12 – The Last Jedi
  • 1:16:54 – Solo
  • 1:26:34 – Anthology stories we want to see

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14 thoughts on “Star Wars Breakdown (Part 2) – Anyway, That’s All I Got

  1. I love the new Star Wars movies. They’re not supposed to be for everyone, and that’s totally fine. If someone hates them…ok? I guess? Not a big deal to me.

    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate how divisive they are, but given how beloved the franchise is I guess there’s only so many people they can please. I love hearing other people’s perspectives, just so long as they’re not hurtful or generalizing.

  2. I just want an Old Republic movie, is that so much to ask?

    • I’ve heard about The Old Republic, but I’m not actually sure what it is. Is it some sort of prequel-trilogy-era story?

      • It’s a series of comics and video games taking place within a span of time about 1000 years or so before the events of A New Hope. The games were pretty popular and known as “Knights of the Old Republic.” Right now there’s just “The Old Republic,” which is an MMO set in that time of the Star Wars universe.

        • The idea of a more ‘primitive’ SW story is really fascinating; obviously I haven’t played the game but I envision a more distilled or simplistic conflict. It’d be cool to see ‘where it all started,’ especially given that it takes place centuries before anything we’ve seen. Thanks for pitching the idea!

  3. There are 3 movies that I would love to see from the Star Wars world. All three would be R rated. First idea is Knights of The Old Republic. It was a video game series that takes place about 4000 years before the formation of the Empire. There is a ton of stuff to pull from in those story lines. Second idea would also be from a video game. Republic Commando takes place during the Clone Wars and it follows Delta squad, an elite group of storm troopers, through various and increasingly dangerous missions. Wonderful game and could make a great story for film. Then finally my favorite idea which was already kind of done. There was a short fan made film about the Sith.
    When you are an apprentice under a Sith master you have to kill them to graduate up to master. The short film is mainly just a fight but having the whole story of a Sith apprentice would be amazing. Mainly what I want from Star Wars is something new and daring. Get out of the old franchise, kill off all those characters, and bring in all new blood. Take us somewhere we’ve never seen, change up the timeline, just do something new. It is one of the biggest worlds (galaxies) in cinema and if you include the books, cartoons, games etc… there is an incredible amount of stuff to draw from. I feel like what they are doing with the new trilogy is lazy and completely uninspired, which is a tragedy and completely avoidable.

    • I love all of this so much…

    • I really like the idea about the sith-based story, especially given that the rules concerning the sith have always been a bit vague. I would hope that, were this to be produced, the story would take place in the distant past in order to ostensibly establish some sort of fundamental basis for the dark side. The very first sith to ever exist is really intriguing, and could lend some valuable backstory to the SW mythology. It’s probably a longshot, but I guess we can only hope. Thanks for pitching the idea!

  4. Anthony’s whole thing on Force Awakens “ruining” Star Wars is ridiculous. Most of his arguments are just him upset that they did something with the characters he want, and most of his reasons are pretty weak. It’s not the best movie ever and some what he’s saying is valid, but not to the extreme he’s saying. You still enjoy these characters. The filmmaking is great. Calling it the worst movie ever just comes across as a fanboy whining.

    • Hello there, allow me to clarify…
      I never said it’s the worst movie ever. I consider “Best/worst” and “Favorite/least favorite” to be separate qualifications. TFA is certainly not the worst movie ever made but that’s a whole other discussion. It just happens to be my personal least favorite.

      As far as my criticism of how Disney “ruined” Star Wars, I try to go about it from a storytelling standpoint and they simply don’t give any context. Isn’t expecting an audience to accept everything the way it is with no explanation lazy writing?

      Of course, no one has to agree with my thoughts about Star Wars. I’m no expert but I do love it a whole lot. I try to be reasonable and logical but also have fun and enjoy the adventure. Maybe I’m too nostalgic but it’s hard to deny that a lot of what the original characters do in these new movies is largely surface-level or inconsequential. To me, it’s a shame that just because they’re old, Disney doesn’t think they can be more directly involved.

      Anyway, that’s all I got but I would love to hear what everyone else thinks. Thanks for listening to the show and joining in the discussion!

      • Thanks for responding to this, and to be super clear I don’t have a problem with anyone who dislikes these movies, and like I said I think some of your points are valid (and we agree on some things for sure). I did get the impression that you considered it the “worst” instead of your least favorite, so I appreciate the clarification because that’s definitely a whole other thing.

        In regards to your other points, I guess we just disagree and that’s fine. I consider the writing in both movies to be pretty strong and the fact that it puts you right in the middle of things without clunky exposition happens to be something I like, because I think Disney got the message from haters of the prequels that overexplaining things makes the story worse. So even if you would say they don’t execute that well, I feel like Disney at least deserves credit for trying to fix mistakes of the past. Just my take.

        Plus I don’t get how you can say that Force Awakens is too much like New Hope but then also say it “forgets” the original movies? I guess I just don’t see where you’re coming from on Disney “disrespecting” the original trilogy. In some ways, I actually think they were too slavish to the old movies, at least in Force Awakens.

        Last Jedi is a whole other thing. I can totally see your issues with Luke, there, and even though it worked for me, I don’t expect it to work for everybody. Again, thanks for hearing me out and responding!

  5. I really hated Solo and Rogue One, but I liked Force Awakens and Last Jedi. To be honest, if it’s a Star Wars movie, I’m going to have at least some fun watching it. Great two-parter episode, as always.

    • Thanks so much! Like Anthony said in part 1, the simple fact that it’s a SW movie can carry cinematic weight (for better or worse).

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