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We. Are. Back! After a very long break, Part-Time Characters is back and ready to talk about new movie releases, Netflix recommendations and pop culture. We decided to start with a bang and talk about Star Wars latest attempt, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Joined by Bridget and Adonis, we talk about our new Han Solo, the terrible way he got his name, the new characters and how Donald Glover is annoyingly great at everything he does. How did you feel about the Solo movie? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section!

We have been gone for five months and we wanted to start out slow. That is why we decided to post an episode every other week. That way we can concentrate on making good content and once we find our footing, we will gradually increase to releasing episodes weekly. We are also open to suggestions and any topics you might want to hear us talk about. Don’t forget to email us with any of your ideas.

Question of the Week: Do you think Disney is overdoing the Star Wars movies? What Star Wars anthology movie do you want to see next?


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This week’s cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock and Adonis Gonzalez

Music: Great Days by Joakim Karud

12 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story Review and Star Wars Fatigue – Part-Time Characters

  1. I haven’t seen Solo yet, but my friends say it’s good, and the podcasts I listen to say it’s okay. I’ll probably watch it in the near future. For Star Wars movies I’d like to see, I don’t really care that much. Eventually I’ll watch whatever they make, but what that is can be up to them. I don’t really want Star Wars to become like the MCU and have a ton of stories that connect eventually, because they will probably have to get characters from comics or make up characters, and I don’t think those will sell tickets very well, which means they’ll stop making Star Wars movies. I’m not a huge Star Wars person, but I like seeing movies, and them not making more Star Wars movies means less movies for me to watch.

  2. This movie was almost exactly what I thought it would be. Like really almost exact, like really really really almost exact.

    Then again I used to be long-time Star Wars hardcore from the time before things started getting effed up, though I think my breed has long died out in interest in these movies anymore.

  3. Does Adonis know that Woody Harrelson made movies before Zombieland? That he came from TV before?

  4. I was expecting much more. I think the movie was good but not worth the hype created on internet.

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  6. Thanks for the recs Sarah! We’ll definitely try some of these next time!

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