Oscars Winners That Actually Deserved To Win (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

oscars winners

It’s been a week or two since the Oscars, so we decided to recap some of the winners from this year. Oddly, we all felt relatively satisfied with how things turned out in 2018 (minus one or two categories, but hey, we get into that). Afterward, we go back in time to talk about some films from the past that have won big awards, specifically winners we actually agree with for once.

We’d love to know what some of your favorite Oscar Winners are, and what you thought about this year’s ceremony, plus any topics and ideas you’d like us to discuss in the future!

Thanks for listening!

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13 thoughts on “Oscars Winners That Actually Deserved To Win (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

  1. I’m really loving this show. Please never stop, thanks.

    • Thanks so much! We love doing it, so it’s great to see that you enjoy it.

  2. Sam, this is going to sound insensitive, but I seriously expected you to do a Stephen Hawking impression after that aside about Eddie Redmayne, and I’m a terrible person.

    • I literally came here to say the exact same thing

      • Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that. I haven’t really done that impression in a while, but I do think it’s just a little bit too soon. Thanks for thinking of that though! I’ll try to make it up to you someday…

  3. What did you guys think of Dunkirk?

    • Jason and I thought it was pretty good, and Anthony didn’t see it. The two of them have some catching up to do, but I imagine we’ll do an entire episode on Nolan’s filmography one day.

  4. I just saw Misery for the first time recently, and I absolutely loved it. My favorite thing about the movie is how Kathy Bates’ character just turns on a dime. It’s not like a slow movie to get to how crazy she is, which is so refreshing and makes it all the more scarier.

    • It’s certainly one of the most tense thrillers ever made. Rob Reiner did a great job adapting King’s story, and Kathy Bates was a huge part of that.

  5. I really love this show. You guys should do an episode where you each watch a classic movie for the first time and give an honest review.

  6. How does Anthony feel about Justice League being the worst box office for DCEU yet?

    • I’m not surprised at all but I still had a lot of fun watching it (I saw it twice in theaters). I know it’s bad but I guess that’s why I listed it as a guilty pleasure.

      • Cool, i was curious you might be disappointed.

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