Top 5 Remakes of All Time (Anyway, That’s All I Got)


In the inaugural episode of the Cinemaholics spin-off, ‘Anyway, That’s All I Got,’ we celebrated the recreation of our brand by counting down our top 5 favorite remakes of all time. We took on the entirety of cinema, and our lists turned out to be surprisingly unpredictable.

We’d love to know what your thoughts on the show, as well as what some of your favorite remakes are. More importantly, what did we miss? There are probably thousands of remakes out there and plenty that we’ve never seen or heard of, but for now, here are our top picks. Enjoy!

Anthony’s Top 5:

5. 12 Angry Men 

4. The Taking of Pelham 123 

3. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 

2. The Departed 

1. Airplane!

Jason’s Top 5: 

5. IT

4. Silence

3. True Grit 

2. Funny Games 

1. Evil Dead 2

Sam’s Top 5:

5. M

4. The Outrage

3. Insomnia

2. Cape Fear 

1. Floating Weeds

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Remakes of All Time (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

  1. Yes!! Sam Noland has his own show now!!!

    • So that’s where Sam has been.

      • Glad to hear your enthusiasm! We hope you enjoy the show!

  2. This show rocks guys. I love the format. My top 5 remakes are Little Shop of Horrors, Ocean’s 11, 3:10 to Yuma, Scarface, and The Thing. I do want to give a little love though to Casino Royale (not sure if that one counts) and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments! Personally, I haven’t seen Ocean’s Eleven or 3:10 to Yuma, but I totally spaced on Little Shop of Horrors, Casino Royale, and King Kong (although I myself would qualify them as reboots). Thanks for mentioning them!

    • Seconded on King Kong!

      • I’ve been meaning to get around to Peter Jackson’s Kong for a while, but the ‘76 one took a lot out of me. I’ll make sure to check it out, though! Thanks for listening!

  3. This Jason guy lost me at “who is Jon Negroni” XD

    • Yeahhhh that kind of threw me off as well. I hope in the next show they explain more of who they are and stuff. Like we all know Sam, but who are these other guys??

      • Don’t get me wrong though, I liked these dudes fine and the chemistry is really great. I’m just curious what their deal is beyond “i like movies”

      • They’re Cinemaholics! Seriously though they seem like movie buffs but not professionally, so somewhere between Maverick and Will.

        • I hadn’t even thought about how vague we were being XD we’ll make sure to give a little more clarification next week. Thanks for listening!

  4. Lolita and The Italian Job

    • I haven’t seen either one, but I’ll make sure to add them to my watchlist. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Let Me In is a great remake, and let’s not forget The Incredible Hulk—oh wait everyone already did

    • I’ve been meaning to watch Let Me In for a while, and it’s good to hear that you enjoyed it. The Incredible Hulk is difficult to define, but we do find it pretty forgettable as well. Thanks for listening!

  6. Does Lord of the Rings count?

    • Man, if we ever dedicate an episode specifically to reboots, that whole trilogy will be WAY up there for me. Thanks for listening!

      • According to Jon’s letterboxed, he’s been rewatching the trilogy. I’d love to hear a bonus episode just about Lord of the Rings with you and Jon and Maria!

        • I could easily talk about the LOTR trilogy for hours, so that could be a really fun idea!

  7. I would add Sleuth, The Producers, and Freaky Friday (FIGHT ME!)

    • I didn’t even know any of those were remakes! Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. I don’t understand how anyone can like that 12 Angry Men remake it’s atrocious. Taking of Pelham 123 could be replaced with literally hundreds of better remakes. The new “It” was…uh not very good. Only choices here I can get down with are most of Sam’s, The Departed, and True Grit. Evil Dead 2 isn’t really a remake, in fact a bunch of these aren’t remakes at all. At least the comments had some good suggestions.

    Sorry if this is coming off negative by the way. The podcast was fine, I’m just super confused by some of these picks.

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