Part-Time Characters: The Worst January Movies

Worst January Films

January films have less than an amazing reputation. Coming off the Oscar buzz months and some questionable holiday movies, the New Year always starts with random horror movies, not good enough for the month of October, low budget films and a few indie gems. In this week’s episode of Part-Time Characters, Maria, Adonis and Jenny try to get to the bottom of why January is considered by the film community a ‘dump month’.

We start our shift talking about a few new things we watched in out initial segment What Have you Been Watching? Adonis, with endless choices on his horizon, decided to watch the Netflix Original The Babysitter.

Our main segment is all about January movies and the ones we have disliked the most throughout the year. However, January doesn’t always fail movie fans so we include a few great movies that have been released in January like The Grey or Persepolis.

We end our part-time shift with Adonis’s review of Insidious: The Last Key. Let’s just say Adonis didn’t have a great week, movie-wise.

Question of the Week: What January movie did you hate the most?


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This week’s cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock, Sam Noland, Adonis Gonzalez and Jenny Pan

Music: Great Days by Joakim Karud

4 thoughts on “Part-Time Characters: The Worst January Movies

  1. I have seen Green Hornet and Hoodwinked. I also saw Hoodwinked when I was younger, and I remember some plot points, and I thought it was pretty good. The sequel was pretty bad. For Green Hornet, I also saw it a long time ago, and I just remember the villain being really weird(I think he had a red gas mask or something) and a leaf in coffee that Seth Rogen has until his coffeemaker person leaves, so then he goes to find them. Why is favorite fart in a movie a category? And how did you find Google Fart Soundboard? What have you been looking up? I need to read Persepolis for a book competition thing, and so far it wasn’t terrible. I still haven’t seen Split, but I will see it at some point because I have heard some good things about it. I still stand by my opinion that Coke and Pepsi taste basically the same and that you should just drink it. I have returned my taste buds to the taste bud factory and got some new ones and I’m probably wrong because I haven’t had Coke or Pepsi in a really long time. But I think they taste kind of the same.

  2. I tried Coke today. It wasn’t bad. But I still haven’t had Pepsi in a while.

    • It’s still poison water, but it’s the best out of all the poison waters.

      • Ben Cash is a god to us all

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