Part-Time Characters: The Disney-Fox Deal and What We’ve Been Watching


In our first episode of 2018, we discuss everything we watched during the holiday break, our opinions over the Disney-Fox deal, and the repercussions it might create.

We start off talking about our Christmas break what we’ve been up to. We also briefly pick our favorite holiday foods and traditions. This is when we all realize Adonis has never had the distinct pleasure of tasting Baileys.

After we each discuss the movies and series we have been watching, we talk about the Disney-Fox deal and what it means for the future of the movie industry. While many are excited because X-Men will finally show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the consequences of this merger will change the industry as we know it.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite holiday meal? Is the Disney-Fox deal a good thing or a bad thing?

00:03:22   Christmas Talk
00:07:17   What We’ve Been Watching
00:57:22   Disney-Fox Deal [Discussion]
01:16:55   Commenting on your Comments
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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock and Adonis Gonzalez

Great Days by Joakim Karud

8 thoughts on “Part-Time Characters: The Disney-Fox Deal and What We’ve Been Watching

  1. C’mon Adonis how do you not know Bailey’s bro

  2. I think that Disney buying Fox is really bad. This will probably mean less movies in general because Disney won’t produce as many. I have some complaints that were the same as Adonis’s complaints, so I won’t say them. Also, I think you read some of those comments before. The what’s your favorite idea comment had definitely been read before by Sam. And woohoo I get a medal. I don’t really have a Christmas food that my family eats every year, I just eat whatever. For the Batman TV show, I meant the Adam West one. I know a few old TV shows because one of the channels my family has only shows old TV shows. And for Adonis’ s question about Pepsi and Coke, I don’t understand why people care so much. THEY TASTE BASICALLY THE SAME! JUST DRINK IT! People care too much about unimportant things. It’s much annoying.

  3. Hit like Disney and cartoon movie. The Box and more cartoon movies is my favorite.

  4. Disney is no doubt a great Movies Production House but accquiring Fox by Disney is not a great idea. That’s what I think.

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