Part-Time Characters: Un Poco Loco for Pixar’s Coco


The One Where Jon Negroni Chimes In

It is that time of year when Pixar brings us an original animated movie and as expected, we all went un poco loco for Coco. Joined by our ‘general manager’ or  better  known  as  that Pixar Theory Guy, Jon Negroni, we discuss the film’s design, music and characters.  We start off the episode with a quick game of Lightning Round where we ask the question: What is your favorite Pixar character?

We move on to talk about the originality of Coco’s premise and if it’s in any way similar to The Book of Life. We also discuss the main characters and if the portrayal of the family is a bit vague or just right. Also, Jon elaborates on how Coco might fit into the Pixar Theory’s timeline.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are thinking of making a confession game. We are going to leave our anonymous confessions here (all related to movies or celebrities) and in the next episode, we will read them and try to decipher who confessed what. The whole point is to bluff and make sure people don’t guess our confession. You can leave yours as well and confuse us. When we play the game, you can admit to your confession in the comment section. Click here to register and confess!

Question of the Week: What did you think about Pixar’s Coco?

00:00:00  Catching up
00:04:30  Lightning Round [GAME TIME]
00:13:43  Coco [MOVIE REVIEW]
00:22:00  Char acters and the Family
00:45:18  Coco’s Design and Animation
00:47:14  Pixar References

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock , Sam Noland and our general manager Jon Negroni

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5 thoughts on “Part-Time Characters: Un Poco Loco for Pixar’s Coco

  1. Hello. I watched Coco, and I really liked it. By the way, I think that the way skeletons appear in the afterlife is their appearance in the photo on the dead person showcase thing(not sure what this is called, I’m just going to call it this) that is them at their oldest. The mom of Coco(not going to try to spell her name, I would misspell it) seems like she’s the age of the photo in the afterlife. The reason it’s the oldest picture is because there’s a picture of baby Coco on the dead person showcase, but that doesn’t make her that old in the afterlife. Also I don’t think that the rest of his family died at the age in their afterlife. The two uncles seem pretty young, so I don’t think they died at that point. There’s also lots of children, which are probably just people that had parents with memory loss or something that can’t remember them looking older. Also, why is the picture of young Coco on the showcase in the first place? She’s not dead! Also, I watched Memento, and I loved that movie so much. The plot is really good. I also watched Princess Bride for the first time, and my friends were surprised that I hadn’t seen it yet. What did you guys think of the Olaf short at the beginning? I thought it was pretty good, but they stuffed every song they possibly could into it. Also just wondering, do you guys have Flickchart accounts? I really like it. It’s basically just ranking movies you’ve seen.

  2. My favorite Pixar Pixar character is from ratatouille but is not remmy, it’s linguini. I love how linguini is young and confused but in an unexpected turn of events befriends a rat. ratatouille Is my favorite Pixar movie which I only found out when, for some reason, I watched in seventh grade home ec class. As for coco, I have not watched it, I think it might refresh me from watching, the dark tower, and 6 terrible Dwayne Johnson movies.

  3. i have proof that “Coco” does not takes place in present day.

  4. Pixar has raised the animation bar again, with its most musical — and arguably most magical — film yet.

  5. “My favorite Pixar Pixar character is from ratatouille but is not remmy, it’s linguini.” I love Linguini 🙂

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