Part-Time Characters: Stranger Things 2 Review

The One Where We Come Back
Quote: Yup, Moms… They just do things. [Bridget Serdock]

We are so sorry we disappeared on you! October was a tough month for us thanks to Hurricane Maria, so it was a lot harder to get together, record, or even upload an episode. But now things are looking up and we’re here with a lengthy review of our favorite Netflix show of the moment, Stranger Things 2.

Joined by our geekdom connoisseur Jerry Rodriguez, we analyze the whole second season of Stranger Things, including new characters, Will’s role, and the 80s themes throughout.

Be warned, there will be talk of all the spoilers. So if you haven’t finished Season 2, do NOT listen to this episode. However if you are all caught up, go ahead and listen to us ramble on about our love for Bob, Eggos and the greatest babysitter on the planet.

Question of the Week: What was your favorite scene(s) from Stranger Things 2? What are you hoping to see in the next season?

00:00:00  Catching up and General Thoughts of S2
00:10:15  The 80s Theme
00:14:02  Separating the Loser’s Club and Eleven’s Story
00:27:35  New Characters [Bob the Brain, Bill and Mad Max, Murray]
00:51:52  Will the Spy
01:05:36  Best Surprises in S2 [STEVE!]
01:17:22  The Old Gang, New Stories
01:30:00  Our Favorite Scenes
01:38:30  Finale Talk

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock , Adonis Gonzalez and Jerry Rodriguez

80s Synth Music by Rick Lancaster

5 thoughts on “Part-Time Characters: Stranger Things 2 Review

  1. Hello. I listened to the podcast, but I still haven’t watched Stranger Things, but this has made me more likely to watch it.

  2. My favourite scene from Season 2 of stranger things was where El returned to Wills house and killed the Dema-dogs.
    In Season 3, or 4 if they have to build to it, I want to see the FBI involved (Mulder and Scully). Also I want to see another patient from the lab, maybe 002 or 003, and then they can start building their own superhero universe, which could spill over into the upside-down, like an XMen/Lord of the Rings mash up adventure.

  3. Fun fact about stranger things: It was originally going to be named ‘Montauk’ after the book it was based off of. The book itself a giant conspiracy theory that someone wrote involving the government facility called ‘Camp Hero’ at the edge of long island, NY on Montauk beach. The facility is real and has been abandoned since 1984, and is now used mostly by rebellious teenagers looking for something to climb. They changed the Series to ‘Stranger Things’ shortly after casting the show because they thought it would be better told in the woods instead of on a beach. So in short, I have been to and vandalized the lab that the show is based off of (and I think Bridget has too).

    My favorite scene: Either time Steve or Nancy gave Dustin girl advice. I don’t particularly ship Nancy and Steve, but I love the idea of them being like a mother/father figure in Dustin’s life, because in my opinion, he is the most lovable of the four boys. (Dustin is also the carbon copy of my boyfriend as a 13 year old, the only current difference is facial hair. Next year for Halloween he is going as Dustin and I am going as Steve. #relationshipgoals).

    P.S. ‘Lionheart’ is a Marvel character formally known as ‘Captain Britain’. ‘Brave heart’ is a lion who is cousins with the care bears. #ijustknowthings

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