Game of Thrones S7E7 Recap: The Dragon and the Wolf



We didn’t want season seven to end and go unnoticed by Part-Time Characters. Bridget and Maria get together one last time to recap the season finale of Game of Thrones, The Dragon and the Wolf. The main characters finally leave their usual locations and meet in King’s Landing to discuss alliances and joining forces to fight the army of the dead.

Bridget continues to be upset about the lack of hypothermia and direwolves. Maria tries to dissuade her anger to no success. They celebrate Sansa’s actions and condemn Cersei’s total lack of logic. Bran finally speaks about Jon but Jon is getting busy- erm I mean, he’s busy.

Thank you for joining us for every episode recap. It has made the enjoyment of this season a million times better.

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia and Bridget Serdock




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