Game of Thrones S7E4 Recap: The Spoils of War


The fourth episode of season seven of Game of Thrones left us all in shock, on the edge of our seats and more obsessed with dragons than ever. Maria and Bridget get together to recap ‘The Spoils of War’, analyzing what is up with Bran’s emotionless behavior, Littlefinger’s possible demise and did we mention dragons?

Later on, they discuss the training scene between Arya and Brienne and how it mirrors a scene from the first season with the Stark parents looking down at a similar training scene. What is the show trying to tell its audience with this scene and is Arya ready to face her final enemies?

The in depth analysis is interrupted with full blown reverence for Drogon and fire and all the destruction! The hypothetical question was established but no solid answer was given- who would they prefer to die: Jaime, Bronn or Drogon?

Death Predictions: Who do you think will perish in the next episode? Let us know in comment section!

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia and Bridget Serdock


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S7E4 Recap: The Spoils of War

  1. Littlefinger didn’t hire the catspaw to kill Bran, it was Joffrey that did.

    Bridget is mixing up her inns, she’s talking about the Inn of the Kneeling Man. The Inn at the Crossroads is the one where Catelyn captured Tyrion, then Tyrion later met up with Tywin there because Tywin came there and killed the owners of the inn for allowing Tyrion to be captured. Also, it’s where Arya and the Hound fought with the Mountain’s crew. Also, where Brienne ran into Gendry.

    And no! No no no. Let’s not bring up the Gendry True Born Son theory. I’m friends with James and LaDonna, the one’s that came up with the theory, but I disagree with them completely here and their reasoning of it. Terrible theory.

    This bullshit training scene was such nonsensical fanservice! Why does Brienne keep getting credit she doesn’t deserve? Why is Arya training with live Valyrian steel that only Joffrey was sadistic enough to do?! Why…I give up!!!

    Just as I predicted, Cersei is getting all of FAegon’s troops (Golden Company & Tarly) whether it makes sense or not, because in the book there’s not going to be the nonsense of a no-claim Cersei getting throne, it’s going to be FAegon, but since they cut him out of the show, his role is being transfered to Cersei.

    Daario’s company is the Storm Crows, though in the show they give him the Second’s Sons for some reason. What family he’s a second son of? I don’t know.

    Before ‘When Jonny Met Dany Episode 4’, I think Jon snuck in some chalk and made those drawings himself and just told Dany it was the Children of the Forrest.

    Jon, Varys, and Tyrion should all be fired from their positions for the lives they are costing. All Daenerys has to do is fly to the Red Keep and take it, no need to burn cities or anything, it wouldn’t be that hard and it would result in less lives lost than when Aegon conquered. Idiots.

    The Targaryen line has always been used for ruling since Aegon’s Conquer. Robert Baratheon was only choosen for the throne beceause he was the closest living relative on Westeros, Robert’s dad was cousins and best friends with the Mad King.

    ‘When Jonny Met Dany’ has been prophesied since the second book. We cracked the whole code a couple months ago.

    The battle wasn’t in the Reach, it was at the Blackwater Rush, which just outside of King’s Landing just north of the Kingswood forest. Which means than Dany sailed around King’s Landing to get to the battle. Why she just didn’t go to King’s Landing like Stannis and end the war? I don’t know. Speaking of which, why were they lugging around the Scorpion from Highgarden back to King’s Landing? Were they expecting to see a dragon? If so, why were they so surprised? Also, why did Dany charge straight at that Scorpion? Why didn’t she just fly really high out of ranged over it and come attack it from behind? And why didn’t Bronn put his money away before the battle if they were already at King’s Landing? Why…I give up!

    I’m sure Jaime will somehow survive from drowning despite wearing heavy armor and being like 30 feet underwater with no one near him.

    Jaime was trying to kill Daenerys to end it. He tried the same thing against Robb at the Battle in the Whispering Wood when Robb’s men had him, he tried to charge straight through them to get to Robb, and got pretty close before he was captured.

  2. After jumping in that lake Jamie should definitely be drowned but that’s not gonna happen! I’m pretty sure that they will wake up in King’s Landing next episode safe and sound even if he’s captured Tyrion will release him! Also that puddle was very conveniently deep that Bronn pushed Jamie in just before the dragon roasted them! The only reason that Bronn is in the show at all is to save Tyenne! His character literally has no point to be there expect for some funny one liners and the desire of the showrunners to develop his relationship with Tyenne and that’s basically it! You could give all his lines and actions to other minor characters and there wouldn’t be any difference!  When it comes to the Golden Company, will they really ally with Cersei against Danny!? In the books they have strong connections with the Targaryens and they were even founded by a Targaryen basterd, I think his name was Aegor Rivers! Also Jorah has some obvious connections with the Jon Connington character from the books but I’m not sure that Jon will be cured in the books! I don’t think the show has any time to followyoung Griff storyline but what I think is that the lider of the Golden Company could definitely be a combinaton between the basterd Targaryen founder and young Griff which could make him a relative to Danny! I’m not sure that he’ll become an ally with Cersei at first but that will also means that he will have his eye on the throne so maybe he will go against both of them when Danny refuses the obligatory marriage proposal!  I’m a bit confused by the drawings in the Dragonstone Cave! As far as I recall the meeting between the Children Of The Forest and The First Men happened in the God’s Eye at the Isle Of Faces but not on Dragonstone. I always was under the opinion the only way to make dragonglass is with dragon fire and that all the dragonglass on Dragonstone was a byproduct of all the dragons that lived there! This happened long before the Targaryens arrived in Westeros with the dragons so do they mean to imply that the Children Of The Forest also had dragons!?   What’s the deal with the way Littlefinger tried to bribe Bran with that dagger! That was strange! The same one that was used in the assassination attempt organised by Joffrey and that Littlefinger probably got after the betrayal that lead to the arrest of Eddard Stark! What about his smirk when he saw that Arya has it! Sansa had a point, he never gives away stuff without a reason! I mean its almost like the thing has a curse on it! I wonder is Arya gonna kill Littlefinger with that knife or has he got some plans with it? I mean even without Bran’s visions she does remember the meeting between Littlefinger and Tywin!  When it comes to it, how come nobody thought to build a giant crossbow when Aegon invaded Westeros? Everyone seems to be forgetting that people have already killed plenty of dragons in Westeros cause it’s mentioned in the books that over 20 dragons were killed during the Dance Of Dragons rebellion! Not with poison however because its highly insinuated that Targaryens have the blood of the dragon being imune to most poisons and by default dragons are also imune to poisons! Anyway you can always have Quiburn inventing some new type of poison that can kill dragons but that would be kinda stupid decision that will result from a poor writing because after all he has never seen nor experimented on a live dragon. That’s highly unlikely because scorpion balista is just a name that has been used in the middle ages for smaller crossbow balista, not cause the arrows were poisoned

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