Game of Thrones S7E3 Recap: The Queen’s Justice

jon snow

Bridget, Maria and Adonis get together to talk about the Game of Thrones recap this season’s third episode, The Queen’s Justice. The conversation starts off with Cersei receiving her ‘gift’ from Euron Greyjoy and what his ‘reward’ should be. Let’s just say Jamie is not too happy about the advice Euron asked for.

Later on, they discuss Sansa’s new role as leader of the North and a visitor she wasn’t expecting. However, this all pales in comparison to Jon and Dany’s first meeting and their struggle to understand each other sides and plans for invasion and saving the world.

Death Predictions: Who do you think will perish in the next episode? Let us know in comment section!

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock and Adonis Gonzalez




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