Game of Thrones S7E1 Recap: Dragonstone

This week we have a surprise. In honor of GoT’s season premiere, Bridget and Maria get together to celebrate this new beginning and recap the first episode, Dragonstone. From the man in the cell, to Jon and Sansa and… is that Ed Sheeran?

If you need someone to talk to about your obsession with Game of Thrones, we are here for you. We declare our undying love of wolves and dragons and Maria gets a little too mad at Cersei…and Arya… and Ed Sheeran.

Death Predictions: Who do you think will perish in the next episode? Let us know in comment section!

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia and Bridget Serdock

Game of Thrones Theme Remake : NCM Epic Music Ender Guney

3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S7E1 Recap: Dragonstone

  1. Since the start of Game of thrones there have been having guest appearances and cameos from musical icons. Musicians from Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, Animal Circus, Snow Patrol, and a few others can all be seen in short scenes throughout the 7 seasons. Whenever there was music in the show, whether in a bar, at the wall, or in the woods surrounding a camp fire, GOT has been known to throw in some pretty high profile musicians to do the job. Some the cast and crew even have a background in music and can be found singing/playing some of the music. So Ed Sheeran being in the show isn’t as surprising as you think, he just has a more recognizable face than previous cameo stars have. For a full list you can check out this article by the RollingStone:

  2. I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about Ed Sheeran’s cameo, yes it was an odd surprise but it didn’t take me out of the scene, he had 2 very short lines of dialogue. My aunt didn’t know who he was and when I told her she was completely unbothered by it and simply thought his singing was good;
    I really don’t like Euron, he’s giving me psychotic Ramsey vibes;
    The Hound is now in my top 3 favourite living characters alongside Jon and Davos;
    Lastly don’t you think the first (Arya) scene and Dany’s ending scene would have had been more effective if they were swapped around?

  3. Dan & Dave have maintained that they are going to get to the same endpoint as what GRRM told them in like 2012 or 2013. I wish they would completely with their own thing because 1) then they wouldn’t spoil anything and 2) they are going to hamfist it so much to get back on track that they are going to fuck it up.

    And I’m a massive A Song Of Ice And Fire fan, I’ve only seen the show once, though I still did pretty well in a YouTube trivia game.

    And it doesn’t matter how you say the names, GRRM has already said there’s no correct pronunciation for them, say how you want. I called Jaime ‘Hi-meh Lannister’ for like 9 years.

    I still don’t understand how Arya was able to properly run the Twins for a week, but this is pretty bad, there were Freys that spoke out against the Red Wedding and refused to take part of it and didn’t show up to it, so Arya just killed those innocents. Terrible person. And talk about not getting the source material, GRRM writes in the does such that their are consequences to every action, but here, Arya just gets to kill innocents to get revenge on the rest of the Freys and does this at 0 cost….yeah….really that sums up this entire episode, but of not making sense and trying to have their cake and eat it too.

    Oh no, not Bran tinfoil.

    Last Hearth of the home of the Umbers, Karhold is the home of the Karstarks.

    Jon and Sansa were both wrong, but neither are very smart so it fit.

    Euron probably figured out a lot, just wait until Winds Of Winter comes out, GRRM read a sample chapter of the Dhampiar at Balticon and holy shit, shocked the room, makes Ramsay look like one of the Carebears. He’s totally going to get a dragon in the books, totally going to get Daenerys, he’s the one to bed for dread.

    Wayland was the dead maester, Ebrose was the maester Sam talked to. He’s a healing maester in the book, not that important, not as dumb as his show counter part. So, Sam went all the way to the Citadel to discover information Stannis told him two seasons ago. Brilliant

    I have a theory of magic, I guess technically Sam could become a wizard throwing fireballs, I guess, it’s possible, maybe.

    I didn’t mind Ed Sheeran, but at the time I minded the song he was singing because it made no sense, it was the song that Simon Silver Tongue made to blackmail Tyrion and Tyrion had Bronn kill him and dump him in a stew. But Bridget’s explanation makes it make a little more sense, granted Jaime only has one golden hand, not golden hands.

    This episode was a 4 out of 10.

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