Our Favorite Trilogies of All Time

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On this episode of Now Conspiring, Maria takes a week off as Adonis, Bridget, and Sam count down their top 3 favorite film trilogies of all time in celebration of War for the Planet of the Apes. There is a bit of an overlap in their lists, as well as a few surprises, and, as always, plenty of nonsensical tangents.

Later on, we read some of your comments and briefly discuss our excitement for War for the Planet of the Apes.

Question of the Week: What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) movie trilogies of all time? Also, don’t forget to leave any questions you may have for our Reunion Episode in the comments section of this episode, last week’s episode, or on our facebook page linked below.

Extra question: Rice or Noodles? (Blame Adonis)


00:00 – Introductions

02:40 – Top 3 Trilogies of all Time [Main Segment]

51:30 – Commenting on your Comments

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This Week’s Cast: Bridget Serdock, Sam Noland, and Adonis Gonzalez

Great Days by Joakim Karud

12 thoughts on “Our Favorite Trilogies of All Time

  1. My favorite movie trilogies are The Man With No Name Trilogy(A Fistful Of Dollars was a Yogimbo remake or ripoff but it was so successful that Kurosawa made more money from the lawsuit than of any of the movies he made and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a masterpiece), Back To The Future, The Die Hard Trilogy (once Bruce Willis got lost his hair the movies went bad)!

  2. I’m not the best at making lists, but I think my favorite might be Pirates of the Carribean. I also don’t like the third movie that much, but I think the first two are still pretty good.
    To answer Adonis’s question, I’m not that sure of what I prefer more. I don’t like spaghetti, so I just mostly eat noodles by itself with butter. I don’t like plain rice, but I love it in my burritos and stuff. So I guess I would have to go with rice.

  3. My favorite trilogy? It’s a tie between Back To The Future and The Hobbit. As for the second question, I prefer noodles (thanks, Adonis!)

  4. There’s a reunion episode and I was not invited? The nerve of you all!!! (Just kidding, I know I’m not entitled to come on the show whenever I want to). As for favourite trilogies I’d go, 3. Dark Knight Trilogy, 2. Star Wars, 1. Lord of The Rings. As for the second question, I haven’t tried very many types of noodles, so I’ll go with rice. Happy Reunion to Now Conspiring.

    • Ah, crap, I forgot about Star Wars! That’s definitely my favorite trilogy, hands down.

  5. Some advice; What to do with yourself after watching Lord of the Rings:
    First and foremost, read the books. If you thought the movie was great, the books are 10,000 times better.
    Once you have read all three of those books to your hearts content, read The Hobbit. I have three versions of this book; pristine, worn, and pocket sized. (So it’s basically a trilogy in itself).
    After you’ve read that you might as well finish off the rest of Tolkien’s books, there are at least 39 of them so it may take a few hours.
    As you read it is also necessary to you surround yourself with the correct scenery. It comes highly recommended (from personal experience) that you travel to New Zealand and use their beautiful landscape as your needed scenery. When you need a break you can visit Hobbiton, Climb Mount Doom in Mordor ( Mount Ngauruhoe) and even visit Weta workshops and try on Gandalf’s hat.
    I cannot stress enough how absolutely important it is that you follow these words of advise after watching LOTR. Doing so will bring you closer to happiness, joy, and that all time level of neirdi-ness everyone is trying to achieve. But if all of this doesn’t fill your heart and sustain your love for LOTR you can always return to commenting on your cousins podcast.

    • I read the books first, and I actually prefer the Extend Editions (but not the theatrical versions)over the books. I thought it gave almost the right amount of background, and cut a lot of the fat. Thank you Peter Jackson for cutting stupid Tom Bombadil.

  6. Also, when it comes to the choice between rice and noodles, its not about what carb you want to eat that day, but what utensil you want to eat with. If you have a love for chopsticks, rice is your guy. If two long sticks don’t seem like a proper way to eat your meal, ‘stick’ to forks and pasta. If the dishwasher is dirty and there’s no silverware left in the drawer, looks like you’ll be having some bread for dinner.

  7. I only really have two favourite trilogies because I haven’t seen enough (I’ve only seen the first two LOTR’s) and those would be The Dark Knight trilogy followed by the Toy Story trilogy because they’re great. One of the big reasons I like the former is because of the music which is so heckin’ good. The score for the Dark Knight is one of my personal favourites of all time.

    For the Q&A,

    Hi everyone, firstly I just want to say that I think that this podcast is great; it’s the reason why I enjoy my bus rides home.
    My question for all of you is, how did you get so interested movies and what is it that you like about them so much?
    Secondly, for those of you who have a career related to movies (in some form or another) or are intending to pursue a career related to movies, what made you decide to go down that path?

    Thanks to everyone and I can’t wait to continue listening to ‘this’ podcast (and Cinemaholics) for a long time to come,
    Gene the ‘Meh’ emoji from the Emoji Movie, in theatres July 28th.

    P.S. Are you excited for the emoji movie, in theatres July 28th?
    Oh, and rice.

  8. Well, I was right to name Adonis the Don of Comic Movies because no true Batfan would think Dark Knight Failing was the best of that trilogy.You can tell you guys are a bit young with your choices, few choices prior to the 2000s, no Godfather Trilogy, no Dollars Trilogy.

    I was actually part of a panel on YouTube that did a trilogy bracket tournament, the finals came down to the Dollars Trilogy vs Indiana Jones trilogy with Indiana Jones winning.

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