The Mini Episode of Animated Movies- Now Conspiring

ZOOTOPIA (Working Title)

And so the coup began. Sam and Bridget got together for a bonus mini episode as a sorry for our terrible ability to stick to a schedule. We pinky promise we will do better from now on. In the mean time, enjoy learning more about Sam and Bridget and their favorite animated movies of all time.

Question of the Week: What are your favorite animated movies?

Survey:  Don’t forget to put in your two cents for our podcast name change. Here are the options. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section. So far, Part Time Characters is in the lead.

The Projectionists | Part Time Characters | The Voice Over | The Talkies |                    The Night Shift

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This Week’s Cast: Bridget Serdock and Sam Noland

2 thoughts on “The Mini Episode of Animated Movies- Now Conspiring

  1. You guys are dead to me.

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