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There are so many amazing actors who don’t receive the praise or fame we think they deserve. This week on Now Conspiring, the gang talks about their favorite underrated actors. As expected, we had major issues with the word ‘underrated’ and some actual Academy Nominees made it to our list. I know. We apologize.

We also played a new game suggested by one of our listeners, Kiss Marry Kill. You will be surprised who Bridget picks to marry in order to explore the universe.

Later on, Bridget discusses her mixed feelings for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and then geeks out with Adonis about their unconditional love for Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Question of the Week: Who is your favorite underrated actor?

Survey:  Don’t forget to put in your two cents for our podcast name change. Here are the options. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section. So far, Part Time Characters is winning.

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00:00 – Introductions and Adonis’s Comeback

08:00 – Kiss Marry Kill [Game Time]

48:32 – Best Underrated Actors [Main Segment]

1:12:27 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 [Movie Review]

1:26:33 – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [Movie Review]

1:38:55 – Commenting on your Comments

1:41:20 – Movie Releases [Everything Everything, Alien: Covenant, Diary of a Wimpy Kid]

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock, Sam Noland and Adonis Gonzalez

Great Days by Joakim Karud

17 thoughts on “Best Underrated Actors – Now Conspiring

  1. Domhnall Gleeson though he has been in some major films I don’t hear him getting the praise he deserves. Maybe when the Winnie The Poo film premiers he will, then again who knows. Also Lili Reinhart from Riverdale, I expect her to become a superstar, shes very talented

    • He’s a pretty good actor, but not great. Just his daddy gets him roles in fantastic movies.

      • You don’t truly believe that do you? All his hard work doesn’t matter because his dad is an actor…Just a coincidence that every movie he is in is fantastic? Cmon dude

  2. why did they recast greg’s brother from wimpy kid before he was hot and know he’s…not

    • I know, right? None of the cast looks anything like their previous counterparts.I know they can’t look EXACTLY like the original actors, but they could’ve tried a little harder.

  3. 😁 You guys didn’t do anything wrong to make me not comment! I have just been real busy. I am really excited to see Guardians of the galaxy 2 and everything everything, not so much diary of a wimpy kid though… you guys are awesome! The voice over all the way!

  4. The name mispronounciation talk was so real though, I feel Maria (try growing up in a western society with an easy asian name i rarely use it anymore because no one knows how to say it)

  5. My phone died right about when Bridget said “it’d be a science experiment” and I legit thought that was the end of the podcast and was seriously creeped out. What a creepy way to end, I thought. What if they all died. Lol.

    I think the Patrick warburton is pretty underrated

    #bridgetwouldlettheworldburnforscience #bridgetisamadscientistinthemaking

  6. Here are some Kiss marry kill ppl you can do

    Professor Lockhart, mad eye moody, professor quirrell

    Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello

    The rock, Andre the giant, Dave bautista

    Wesley from the princess bride, Luke skywalker, star Lord

    James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Christoper Nolan

    Lightning mcqueen, Mike waszowski, marlin the clown fish

    Jack Dawson, Jay Gatsby, or Dominic Cobb

  7. Matthew daddario is underrated he was in terrible movies but he’s been amazing on shadowhunters (which is also not that great at first but it gets better, however his acting is phenomenal throughout)

    Kmk Jessica Jones, Barbara Gordon, lois lane?

    Happy belated Sam!

  8. Amy Adam needs to be recognized by the academy!!

  9. Someone might need to take this Sam guy’s vote away; first, he bags on poor Lugosi for being typecasted, like the dude could help that Universal in 1930s didn’t know what to do an Eastern European accent besides vampires and doctors, but he killed it the rare times he was given something new to work with and he had a successful career stage acting. Second, Mifune as underrated? Dude is popularly considered the greatest Japanese actor of all-time, also has won international acting awards, had documentaries made about him, and is considered a Sacred Treasure by Japan.

    Here’s a good one that big Tarantino fans or a Kevin Smith fans would know, Michael Parks. Dude is one of a handful of Tarantino’s favorite actors that Tarantino would make personal VHS compilation scenes of their acting. Parks always killed it, and Tarantino gave him minor roles when he could (two in Kill Bill), but if you really want to see Parks bring, watch Kevin Smith’s movies: Red State and Tusk.

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