Every Blog Has a Story. Here’s Mine.

This article marks the 200th post on jonnegroni.com. In fact, it’s been almost exactly 19 months since the first post on this website got everything started. Here is my story, and I hope it serves you well as you embark on your own blogging journey. Advertisements


12 Words You’ve Been Using Wrong

I love grammar. One of my favorite classes in college was desktop publishing, but only because I enjoyed finding out that I had been using a word incorrectly for years. I’m weird? Lately, I’ve been Tweeting grammar tips a lot, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people have found

Trailer Breakdown – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Good marketing Marvel. Releasing the Captain America trailer just a few weeks before your “let’s hope to God this sticks” premiere of Thor’s first sequel was a good move, getting fans hyped and movie bloggers over-analyzing. Speaking of shamelessly breaking down trailers, let’s talk about the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, which

5 Things You Need to be Doing in College Right Now

No matter what year of college you’re in at the moment (freshman, senior, or otherwise), there are numerous ways to prepare yourself for the competitive job market ahead. 

Trailer Breakdown – “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”

Guys, I’m going to be pretty clear here. I love me some Paranormal Activity, whether it be 3,4,5, the Marked Ones, or the Tyler Perry version that doesn’t exist yet.

Want to Be Successful? Turn Off the TV

Hey new professionals, this article is specifically for you.

Review: ‘Captain Phillips’

Captain Phillips does something to audiences that Hollywood is usually afraid to do. It tricks you into accepting certain principles about itself and then completely dismantles them.