Retro Reviews – Now Conspiring


This week we get together to discuss some classic movies we have been meaning to watch for a long time. Sam gives his opinion of Casablanca, Maria crossed off Psycho from her list and Bridget finally saw Pulp Fiction. Some were impressed by these films. Some were not. Can you guess who?

We also bring back a shorter version of Bridget’s Science corner, where Bridget discusses six new science facts discovered this year.

By the end we were faced with the most difficult Kiss Marry Kill ever. Friendships ended as consequence.

Question of the Week: What critically acclaimed movie you still haven’t seen? Let us know in the comments!

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Kiss Marry Kill (Extended Version) – Now Conspiring

kiss marry kill

Want to play Kiss Marry Kill? This week, we revisit a comment from our Aliens episode where we were given the best KMK choices. Some picks were a no brainer; others were a little more difficult. Play along with us and let us know your picks in the comment section.

We also bring back a shorter version of Bridget’s Science corner, where Bridget gives us two new science facts discovered this year.

Question of the Week: Kiss Marry Kill: The Rock, Dave Bautista and Andre the Giant?

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The Mini Episode of Animated Movies- Now Conspiring

ZOOTOPIA (Working Title)

And so the coup began. Sam and Bridget got together for a bonus mini episode as a sorry for our terrible ability to stick to a schedule. We pinky promise we will do better from now on. In the mean time, enjoy learning more about Sam and Bridget and their favorite animated movies of all time.

Question of the Week: What are your favorite animated movies?

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The Late Episode of Alien Covenant- Now Conspiring


Better late than never. In this super late episode of Now Conspiring, we dive into Ridley Scott’s franchise and discuss what made it so great and whine about all the questions that are still unanswered, even after watching Alien: Covenant.

Before our science fiction rant, we talk about real science in our very first Bridget’s Science Corner! It is quite a treat with a great reaction track provided by our Sam Noland.

Question of the Week: What do you think of the Alien franchise and its influence on Sci-Fi movies?

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Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Reviews — Cinemaholics

This week on Cinemaholics, I’m joined by special guest Kayleigh Donaldso, writer for ScreenRant and Pajiba. We talked about Wonder Woman, of course, and had a spirited discussion about the state of the DCEU and how we’d rank the movies so far.

Will Ashton was on the show as well to talk about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which I unfortunately had to miss this weekend. But I did get a chance to share my thoughts on the first season of Riverdale (finally), and Maveryke Hines tried to convince me to finally catch up on House of Cards now that Season 5 is out.

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Best Underrated Actors – Now Conspiring


There are so many amazing actors who don’t receive the praise or fame we think they deserve. This week on Now Conspiring, the gang talks about their favorite underrated actors. As expected, we had major issues with the word ‘underrated’ and some actual Academy Nominees made it to our list. I know. We apologize.

We also played a new game suggested by one of our listeners, Kiss Marry Kill. You will be surprised who Bridget picks to marry in order to explore the universe.

Later on, Bridget discusses her mixed feelings for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and then geeks out with Adonis about their unconditional love for Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Question of the Week: Who is your favorite underrated actor?

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Guess the Disney Song! – Now Conspiring


We have a full house on this week’s episode. RAK (aka Khan) and Jenny Pan join the podcast along with Maria’s best friend, Evie. After lengthy introductions and many fun tangents, we go around the table to talk about what we have read or watched in the past few weeks. This is quickly followed by Evie saying very embarrassing things about Maria that can never be unheard.

Later on, we play Guess the Disney Song! Where Jenny is overconfident, Sam is confused by everyone’s hardwired knowledge of Disney and a lot of yelling from everybody involved.

It is important to note after a certain point, Sam unofficially quits the game and continues to play his computer game, which we were all able to watch. In case you hear anyone saying ‘Sam! You nearly died’ or ‘Sam exploded’, we mean the game.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite Disney song?

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