Review: ‘Arrested Development,’ Season 4

I’ll be doing two separate reviews of the new season, starting with a review of the season premiere, “Flight of the Phoenix.” So, is it worth watching? The answer to that question actually has very little to do with the actual episode. It really depends on the viewer, of which


Top 12 Mat Kearney Songs

Even if you’ve never heard of Mat Kearney, this is a great list to get you started. Kearney has been my favorite singer/songwriter since 2005, so making this list was absolutely painful. I’ve been following his music religiously since his first album, Bullet, and  I currently own every song he’s written (with

Are Hulu and Netflix the New ABC and NBC?

Or Fox and CBS? Or CW and AMC? Okay, I’m going too far obviously, but my point is that the two streaming giants are making noticeable strides in becoming “real” networks, whatever that means. Like pretty much every other millennial, I prefer Hulu to broadcast television and Netflix to renting