Social Scoring Is Not Obsolete

It’s just getting better. People don’t like Klout. That’s fair. Klout contains an unknown algorithm that no one outside of the company has truly figured out, making Klout’s credibility that much more uncertain. People don’t like uncertainty. That said, measuring influence online has to contain some uncertainty, lest we are


A Different Way to Approach Feedback and Criticism

Too often we fall into the trap of measuring the value of what we create based on others’ perceptions. I do this when I write a blog post and eagerly wait to read the feedback and see what people think. I consider it success when something I create is popular

New Infographic Highlights The Strengths of Hiring Millennials

A new infographic courtesy of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School has given employers another reason to take a close look at what millennials can contribute to the workforce. As Forbes puts it, this new research data gives us a reason to shed previous stereotypes of millennials that focus on them being apathetic.

Are Too Many People Going to College?

There are several different opinions that vary on this issue. Yes: too many people are going to college and racking up debt for themselves while the government is subsidizing their expenses. No: college is an essential aspect of someone’s life and a gateway to a meaningful career. To keep it

10 Qualities of a Good Writer

Keep in mind that there’s always exceptions to the rule, but these are qualities found in most good writers. 10. Punctuality: the writer is timely and fulfills commitments. 9. Magnanimity: the writer gives credit where it’s due. 8. Credibility: the writer is persuasive. 7. Industry: the writer never stops writing.

Are Soda CSR Campaigns Really Misleading?

I read a disturbing bit of news yesterday. A Policy Forum article from Washington has been released asserting that corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns by soda companies such as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are misleading and don’t face enough regulation from the government in comparison to Tobacco companies. I strongly disagree.

3 Ways We’re Attracted to Brands Like We’re Attracted to People

What makes a product brandable, or rather, have the ability to be promoted effectively? I liken the dynamic to relationships. Specifically, how people are attracted to other people. It takes three ingredients: 1. Appearance Aesthetically, how does a brand and its product appear to the consumer? For most of us,