Review: ‘Arrow’

I HATE the CW. It doesn’t even try to make shows for my demographic, and hey that is alright. But with Arrow, the superhero biopic based on the quasi-well-known D.C. superhero Green Arrow, could just might show a more balanced network on channel 5. Having premiered back in September, I’ve given


Persuasion is Overrated

The other day I was hit with a nonsensical stereotype. “You’re in public relations right? That means you can talk your way out of anything.” As I put down the barbed-wire fence we were crossing over during an attempt at high-risk mischief, I was instantly offended. Why do I have

10 Tips to Becoming a Better Liberal or Conservative

Want to be politically relevant without alienating your friends and colleagues? Hey, most of us do. Here are 10 tips to helping you become better at taking an ideological stance: 1. If a liberal/conservative doesn’t take you seriously, don’t take that seriously. 2. If a liberal/conservative points out something about

Be Pickier About What You Write

This isn’t a commandment, since you can obviously do whatever you want. Still, I can’t help but advocate for more selective writing among my likeminded peers. No one is great at every type of writing. They may at least be decent at every type of writing, but no one absolutely

What is the Point of Diversity?

As a hispanic originally from Puerto Rico, I am constantly amazed at how desperate we are for diversity. Don’t get me wrong, I think diversity is an important thing, but probably not for the same reasons that others do. A little background is in order. Both of my parents were

Why I Eat Breakfast Every Single Day

I don’t usually preach on this subject, but I read an article this morning that really made me reflect on breakfast and being healthy. Disclaimer: ever since I was 17, I’ve had the same breakfast every morning: Special K cereal and orange juice. Sure, I mix it up with yogurt

Why I Love Commercials

And it’s not because other people hate commercials. I’m not a contrarian (or at least, I try not to be). Also, It’s really a coincidence that I am writing this after one of those politically advertised elections of all time–I actually just wanted to talk about this today. Anyways, I