How to Respond to Hateful People

The Internet can be a rough place. People are ready to bombard you with strong (if not flimsy) opinions about emotionally charged topics, and anonymity plays a huge role in the cause of this. Advertisements


Review: ‘Warm Bodies’

Zombies meet Twilight? Here’s my review for one of the most original zombie stories of our time and whether or not it’s actually worth watching.

What I Learned About Advertising from the Superbowl

Once I finish watching all of the commercials I missed (yes I missed a few, but that is a small price to pay when you are cooking your own wings), I will be doing a post later this week highlighting what I found to be the best ad spots this

Top 12 Mat Kearney Songs

Even if you’ve never heard of Mat Kearney, this is a great list to get you started. Kearney has been my favorite singer/songwriter since 2005, so making this list was absolutely painful. I’ve been following his music religiously since his first album, Bullet, and  I currently own every song he’s written (with

5 Ways to Build a Great Twitter

The other day, I talked about why you need Twitter. Well, today I want to share some practical ways you can ignite (or reignite) your platform on the popular social network. 5. Update All Settings Before you send out that first Tweet, you need to make sure that all of

5 Reasons Why You Need Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social network at the moment, so expect this analysis to be pretty biased. Of course, that bias comes from the personal realization that Twitter can be one of your greatest assets for your career. Unlocking the potential to Twitter is something I was challenged to do

10 Ways to Be Less Annoying on Social Media

We all have those people on our Facebook or Twitter that annoy us to death with their irrelevant photos and emotional status updates. Truth is, we can all be pretty obnoxious once in a while. While I’m not in the business of changing human behavior, I do believe there are