5 Ways to Build a Great Twitter

The other day, I talked about why you need Twitter. Well, today I want to share some practical ways you can ignite (or reignite) your platform on the popular social network. 5. Update All Settings Before you send out that


5 Reasons Why You Need Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social network at the moment, so expect this analysis to be pretty biased. Of course, that bias comes from the personal realization that Twitter can be one of your greatest assets for your career. Unlocking the

10 Ways to Be Less Annoying on Social Media

We all have those people on our Facebook or Twitter that annoy us to death with their irrelevant photos and emotional status updates. Truth is, we can all be pretty obnoxious once in a while. While I’m not in the

1 Skill You Must Have

Most skills we develop past college have to do with very tangible, observational traits. You get better at writing more effectively and transcribing large concepts into simpler concepts. Sharp criticism and experience enable you to have a more creative eye.

Review: ‘Catfish: The TV Show’

A few years ago, I saw the trailer for Catfish (the movie) and was always amused by the concept, though I never did get around to seeing the actual film. Lucky for me, the makers of the documentary developed Catfish: The TV Show on

App Review: Learn How to Do Almost Anything with Snapguide

Snapguide is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” apps that almost anyone will find extremely useful. The concept is simple: create and digest how-to guides on almost anything you can possibly think of with your iPhone, iPad,

Are Hulu and Netflix the New ABC and NBC?

Or Fox and CBS? Or CW and AMC? Okay, I’m going too far obviously, but my point is that the two streaming giants are making noticeable strides in becoming “real” networks, whatever that means. Like pretty much every other millennial,