New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Featurettes That Actually Make The Movie Look Promising

Look, you guys know me pretty well at this point. You know that Spider-man is my favorite superhero ever, and I haven’t been pleased with a single Spidey film since Spider-man 2 seized my heart with mechanical tentacles. I haven’t been looking forward to TASM2, despite how “action-packed” and “colorful” the trailers


Review: ‘House Of Cards,’ Season 2

One heartbeat away from the presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated… Frank Underwood (played by the talented Kevin Spacey) utters these words in episode two of the second season of House of Cards, a political thriller that took us all by surprise. While being

Yes, The Scrubs Broadway Musical Is Happening

In 2012, Bill Lawrence had a tough choice to make. Scrubs had run its course on NBC, only to get picked up and slashed again by ABC after 9 great (for the most part) seasons. So, Bill decided to just turn the concept into a Broadway musical. And everyone rejoiced!

Why I Love Valentine’s Day (Even Though I’m Single)

I wrote this article for Scryptwriter, a new content writing website I started for aspiring writers (maybe you?). Anyway, I wanted to share this piece about Valentine’s Day in particular because it is definitely something important I have to say about a holiday that I consider vastly underrated. Click here

All Of The Marvel Movie Character Rights Explained In One Graphic

Recently, The Geek Twins put together this fantastic guide for which movie studios own the rights to every Marvel Comics character. From X-Men, Spider-Man and even the often ignored Namor, you can now see in one clear picture how it’s all laid out (for now) in this graphic illustrated by Maurice Mitchell.

The Flappy Bird Symphony

The main reason I never played Flappy Bird until 7:00pm on February 8, 2014 is because I don’t like to get frustrated. It’s annoying. It’s unpleasant. I am so competitive, that I would rather not compete. While laying on my couch after a slow-paced Saturday, my roommate threw his phone

Chris Pratt Shares Plot and Character Details For Jurassic World

Andy from Parks and Recreation is a big fan of helping to remind us that a Jurassic Park-er-World movie is actually happening. Yes, we’ve been told that it is officially coming out next June, but they haven’t even started filming yet. Editing alone is going to be a dinosaur of