These HBO Shows Are Coming To Amazon Prime

Here are the HBO shows that are making the leap to Amazon Prime, including the ones that aren’t.


Netflix Is Raising Its Prices

Get out your wallet Netflix addicts.

Watch The First Five Minutes Of ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

Welcome to Itchy Armpit.

Disney Is Making An ‘It’s A Small World’ Movie

They’re making a movie about this after all.

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 2: Alec

Welcome to Chapter 2 of “The Pixar Detective!” This week, Stevin and Wallaby find themselves inside a familiar room searching for clues that will help them find their missing friend, Mary.

How Frozen Should Have Ended

Watch and be amazed as the visionaries at HISHE provide us with the alternate ending we didn’t even know we wanted to Disney’s Frozen. Don’t conceal not feel this video by sharing with the people you love! Thanks for Reading! You can subscribe to this blog by email via the prompt

The Pixar Detective: Chapter 1

What if all of the Disney Pixar films existed within the same universe?

From the author of the world-famous phenomenon known as “The Pixar Theory” comes a re-imagining of the Pixar universe with an original story and all-new characters, packed with colorful artwork by illustrator, Kayla Savage!