How to Always Have Something Interesting to Write About

Common question: “What should I write about?” Common answer: “I don’t know. I guess whatever.” Grammar problems within our minds aside, the answer to this ubiquitous question about content choice is incredibly…under-answered. You want to be able to deliver interesting and compelling content for your blog or publication on a


The Writing Tip They Didn’t Teach You In School

My education was full of “Aha!” moments that helped me acquire the skills necessary to eventually become a decent writer. “Your essay needs more examples.” “Aha!” This is how it typically went. Question: what sets you on the path of success to writing? Your answer is probably one of four:

Why We Should Write Letters Again (Please)

Over the weekend, I put together an article for the Thriveworks Blog under that same title (I added the “please” just for you guys) and stressed the importance of maintaining a culture of meaningful letter-writing. The reason I write with such haste is simple: Digital communication, with all of its

Every Blog Has a Story. Here’s Mine.

This article marks the 200th post on In fact, it’s been almost exactly 19 months since the first post on this website got everything started. Here is my story, and I hope it serves you well as you embark on your own blogging journey.

12 Words You’ve Been Using Wrong

I love grammar. One of my favorite classes in college was desktop publishing, but only because I enjoyed finding out that I had been using a word incorrectly for years. I’m weird? Lately, I’ve been Tweeting grammar tips a lot, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people have found

Trailer Breakdown – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Good marketing Marvel. Releasing the Captain America trailer just a few weeks before your “let’s hope to God this sticks” premiere of Thor’s first sequel was a good move, getting fans hyped and movie bloggers over-analyzing. Speaking of shamelessly breaking down trailers, let’s talk about the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, which

5 Things You Need to be Doing in College Right Now

No matter what year of college you’re in at the moment (freshman, senior, or otherwise), there are numerous ways to prepare yourself for the competitive job market ahead.