Does ‘Planes’ Fit Into the Pixar Theory?

Every Pixar movie is connected…but surely that can’t include Planes, right?


Let’s Breakdown the Official “RoboCop” Trailer

When Hollywood metaphorically called us up and imparted the big news that RoboCop was coming back to the big screen after being a 1980’s cult classic (hard to do), a lot of us said things like “No thanks” and “Why would you do something so ridiculous?”

Best (and Worst) Summer 2013 Movies

Below is my list of which summer movies made a splash, for better or worse, this year.

Hashtag your Way to Fame with Tagstagram

Love Instagram? I sure do, but I rarely use hashtags for a few simple reasons:

Every Trip to Redbox Ever

…Well at least for me. (this list is inspired by the article A Typical Trip to Blockbuster Video Circa 1995 on Buzzfeed) 1. It’s midnight and I’m sitting alone in my room with nothing to do. 2. I wake up my roommate and force him to go with me to

Review: ‘The World’s End’

The World’s End is the unofficial third entry in a trilogy of (seemingly) unrelated genre-parody movies done by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  Shaun of the Dead gave us a movie that pokes fun at zombie movies, Hot Fuzz obliterated buddy cop movie clichés and we now have The World’s End, which attempts

5 Activities that Make You a Better Writer

Instead of telling you how to improve your writing, let’s talk about what you can be doing right now to get better… Being a writer is tricky, especially if you’re actively seeking out ways to improve your skill. I know that every time I go online to find advice on