Chivalry Isn’t Dead. It Just Looks Different.

No one has to *tell you* that respect is a good thing.


The Pixar Detective, Chapter 9: Our Doom

The stakes have never been higher! Scattered, captured, and broken, our heroes must survive the onslaught of yet another unspeakable danger in this week’s “The Pixar Detective.”

Creativity Winks.

How, why and when do those flashes of creativity happen? For most of us, they’re just winks.

It’s OK Not to Dream Big.

Do your goals and ambition control you? You should probably get that checked out.

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 8: The Hexagon

Monsters, supers, and secret agents collide in this epic chapter of the Pixar Detective.

Why I Won’t Be Watching ‘Lucy’ (The Scarlett Johansson Superhero Movie)

100% of my brain doesn’t want to see this movie.

The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

The Pixar Detective is a sprawling epic that takes place within the background of the Pixar movies! Visit this page to stay up-to-date on new chapters.