What the Future of Pixar Currently Looks Like

It’s 2021. And the next slate of Pixar movies (and shows) is looking to be far more unique than in previous years. From brand new originals to unlikely sci-fi spinoffs, Pixar is swinging for the fences. And that’s not just a reference to their softball series coming in 2023. On the latest Jon In Theory, I explore just about every new Pixar show or movie set to release from now until 2023. And I also do my best to explain where I think Pixar is headed creatively, and how these choices might shape the studio’s legacy forever.

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2 thoughts on “What the Future of Pixar Currently Looks Like

  1. Are you rewriting the Pixar theory book? I really want to buy it!

  2. Are you rewriting a new book for the Pixar theory? I’ve been wanting to buy it

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