Why 3D Movies Are Dying A Pretty Fast Death

In 2012, 41 movies had 3D attached to them.

In 2013, that number went down to 35.

In 2014? We’re getting just 28 movies accessible with 3D glasses.

We can expect this trend to continue as movie studios are beginning to learn the sad truth that people are quickly losing interest in paying more money for blurrier movie-watching (and instant headaches).

Granted, for every Gravity and Avatar that comes out, we also get something like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, an obvious example of a bad movie trying to gouge more money from a waning audience.

The brutal truth is that most movies just don’t benefit from the 3D experience unless they’re either animated or built for 3D. In most cases, they’re converted into 3D after shooting, thus lowering the quality.

So it hasn’t taken long for consumers to catch on.

In 2009, studios could easily get away with charging extra for 3D and watching the money come in, but it’s clearly not worth their time anymore 5 years later. After making plenty of money re-releasing old favorites like Star Wars and Finding Nemo with 3D technology, Hollywood is clearly experiencing diminishing returns.

But does this mean 3D movies are on their way out permanently?

While 3D movies as they are won’t last much longer, I strongly believe that we’ll soon be entering a new normal when it comes to big 3D releases.

For one thing, they’re still raking in huge profits when associated with IMAX midnight releases. Moviegoers are far more likely to watch a movie in 3D if it is on the extra-big screen, as these are typically films that benefit greatly from having an expanded canvas.

Of course, one way theaters are seeing this completely backfire is the growing trend of trading midnight releases for 10pm showings, thus eradicating the purpose Black Friday-style.

That said, you can expect fewer cash grabs and knockoff 3D movies in  favor of just a few well-done 3D events. These are the movies that you actually want to see in 3D because they’re marketed as being too beautiful to miss.

I don’t know how long it will take for 3D movies to phase out completely, if at all. But we all know it’s happened before and will likely happen again. The question will only be answered once we see the growth or decline of the image of 3D movies (how they’re perceived by the public).

In other words, nothing will really change unless 3D can fix its own public relations problem.

As it is, people will keep believing it is nothing but a money-making scheme. This perception can shift to what I stated before (movie events with an emphasis on beauty and stunning visuals), but whether or not this will happen is somewhat unpredictable at this point.

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  1. It’s no great surprise really is it. I mean, the ‘future’ of cinema has actually been done in the fifties and eighties already! Plus it doesn’t add much to any movies I’ve seen apart from Gravity and maybe Avatar. It’s just a money making enterprise, and an anti piracy thing I think.


  2. You make some very good points. The only 3D movies I’ve seen that really impressed me were Tangled and Rise of the Guardians. I got the definite idea that those films were animated with the possibilities of 3D constantly in mind. The rest were, as you mention, not worth the headache. (I should mention I never got to see Avatar in 3D and Gravity didn’t show anywhere near me. I’m sure they would easily have made my list.) As for IMAX, there’s only one in all of South Africa, so I hope that doesn’t become the only way one can see a film in 3D.


    1. Personally, I didn’t like Gravity in 3D, but that is not general opinion, as most people (including my friends I saw it with) loved it. For me, I’ve only ever truly enjoyed the 3D of Avatar and some animated movies.


  3. Eventually holographic movies will take over. Until then, 3D will keep reappearing because it’s too fun not to. Plus, every generation wants to experience the 3D craze they heard about from their parents’ generation.


    1. Avatar is the only live action film I’ve ever actually enjoyed in 3D (story notwithstanding). For the first 10 minutes, we saw Gravity in 2D because of a projector error, but when they switched it to 3D, I was actually disappointed by how much detail was lost in the shots of Earth in the background.


      1. Neither Avatar nor Gravity had a very interesting or original plot. I watched them mostly for the spectacle of the scenery. Gravity was all about the physics of motion. Except for a few silly plot-driven lapses in physics, they did a pretty good job of it. Avatar was all about alien flora and fauna, which was a lot of fun to watch.

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  4. I agree with this for the most part. I’ve seen a few 3D movies, and the only ones that I felt really deserved the 3D was Avatar, Tron: Legacy, The Amazing Spider-Man, Titanic 3D (best conversion I’ve yet seen), and Monsters & Aliens. I wanted to see Gravity in theatres, but I chose Catching Fire instead (I do not regret this decision…HUGE Hunger Games fan). The worst 3D movies I’ve seen (in regards to the 3D, not to the movie itself) were Coraline (my first 3D movie), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (only 3D movie that gave me a headache. Too much motion), Deathly Hallows Part 2 (I am a HUGE Potter fan). I think it should still be used, but not for EVERY movie, but just when the movie can be improved by it, such as Avatar (the entire movie was outside of the screen!!) and The Amazing Spider-Man (the perspective 3D was AMAZING…no pun intended…). I am so glad that The Hunger Games movies are not in 3D (even though they very easily could be and no one would question it). It proves that a movie can be shot and released in 2D and still be a hit.


    1. It’s interesting that you mention Hunger Games, because I have little doubt that if it had been released in 2011, rather than 2012, it would have probably had 3D attached to it. 2012 was really when the decline of 3D movies started.


      1. Actually, I read somewhere that the director decided no 3D because then they’d be The Capital, glorifying this.But I see what you mean.


  5. I’m not a great fan of 3D so I don’t watch many 3D movies, mainly because I’ve got glasses and it’s really not very nice to have to force the 3D glasses up against your normal ones if you’re not wearing contact lenses:/ Also, 3D makes me feel slightly dizzy in a weird way…😉


  6. I’m not a great fan of 3D so I don’t watch many 3D movies, mainly because I’ve got glasses and it’s really not very nice to have to force the 3D glasses up against your normal ones if you’re not wearing contact lenses:/ Also, 3D makes me feel slightly dizzy in a weird way…😉


    1. triggered for me when the ‘modern’ version first came out (i took migraine over the counter, to try the 2nd time, I’m guessing mine are not as bad as yours ) 3dt hasn’t bothered me in years, not sure if the fix was me or new technology? some 3d have been very beautiful, particularly the animation

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      1. The only 3D I ever seem to enjoy or feel is worth my money has come from animated movies. And even then, not all of them. Some animated movies are converted to 3D at the last minute, while others are conceived beautifully for it (a recent example would be How to Train your Dragon 2). Meanwhile, I’ll pay up to see Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D, only to see that it’s pretty much the same as the original once your eyes adjust.


  7. 3D is wonderful when it is done well and enhances the story. It is a ripoff when it is not.

    The good: Avatar, Hugo, Gravity. In all of these 3D adds to the viewer’s immersion in the story.

    The mixed part 1: The Hobbit. Immersion works here but it’s less clear that immersion in Middle Earth is a good thing or whether we are better served by a bit of distance. The combination of HFR and 3D is synergistic in enhancing immersion.

    The mixed part 2: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This was shot in 2D and post-processed . Wonderland was almost entirely CGI so it worked well there but the “real world” sequences look fake, so ironically that is the part that feels like a dream. That may have been Burton’s intent.

    The pretty: Just about any 3D computer animated film. But it doesn’t often add to the story, though it worked well in Up. And too often the 3D is all about gimmicks like stuff flying at the screen.

    The ugly: most 2D-3D conversions. Possible exception: Titanic, which I have not seen.

    I would be just fine with the number of live action 3D releases falling to five a year so long as they are the right five. Might as well continue to make the CGI films in 3D because the cost increment is minimal – the computer models are already 3D anyway so mostly it means doing another render.

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  8. There was over 50 3D Movies in 2013:

    There are over 70 3D Movies in 2014:

    Can you people making these fake articles, please stop lying about decline of 3D.
    Both Sony & VIZIO have discontinue their 2D 1080p TVs, and are only making 3D 4K TVs.
    The Nintendo 3DS is selling more better each week, then the PS Vita & PS4 & Wii U & Xbox ONE, specially in outside of America.

    The majority of Americans see 3D Movies in 3D, for example; Gravity & Captain America: The Winter Soldier & The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & Godzilla & Need for Speed & I, Frankenstein & 300: Rise of an Empire.
    And the interntional market always gets 88% of its tickets being for 3D screenings sold.

    The fact is, that 2D is on a decline, as more & more new content is 3D content. More & more people are owning 3D TVs & 3D Blu-Ray players.

    The sales of 3D TVs have always been more better then HD TVs during the same point in life spam. And HD TVs had a 50 year gap between them and color TVs, while 3D TVs only had a several year gap between them and HD TVs.
    The price tag of HD TVs always decline year on year, but the price tag of 3D TVs have gone up 2 years in a role, and still have sales up; year on year.

    2D is dying out. In the next 15 years there most likely won’t be anything in 2D.

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    1. You’re linking to a forum. Here’s the official calendar released by RealD: http://www.boxoffice.com/statistics/3d-release-calendar

      They cited 16 movies remaining to be released this year in 3D (that is on top of what’s already come out so far). That’s every 3D film being released theatrically for each studio. They also cite 20 movies (so far) that will be coming out next year.

      So you can’t just “say” that 3D movies are doing just fine, when they’re clearly declining.

      If you need more than that, here’s another source that cites just 17 films total: http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/3d/2014/

      Please understand that I didn’t write this article because I want 3D to just fail. Personally, I don’t care if they’re popular and others like them, even though I don’t. If there’s a market for it, then that’s just fine with me. I’m simply pointing out a downtrend. You claimed that prices are only going up for 3D TV’s, but that’s simply untrue, even if that would be good for the companies sell them. Prices are always going down as demand both increases and decreases due to competition. When 3D TV’s were first introduced, you would have to spend at least a grand, but nowadays, you can get a good one for around $500-$700. I think your metrics are overlapping with Smart TV’s that have apps and 3D functionality, but that doesn’t mean people are actually using them. People are flocking to Smart TV’s for Internet connectivity.

      I would also refrain from comparing 3D success to the Nintendo 3DS. We’re talking about two separate mediums (interactive and entertainment), and Nintendo has always had a leg up on the handheld gaming market, 3D or no (though they’re currently at a crossroads due to the advent of mobile gaming).

      You also claim that studios make more money off of 3D sales, but that’s obvious because the tickets are more expensive. That doesn’t mean they perform better.

      Finally, your claim that 2D is “dying out” is completely unfounded. If print newspapers can survive two decades after the invention of the Internet, then I’m pretty sure 2D will manage to stick around after just a few years of mainstream 3D, especially since it didn’t manage to topple the market back in the 80s.

      In short, my article is not “fake” just because it presents an opinion contrary to yours. I wrote this months ago and am still seeing this all play out as 3D technology continues its gradual decline, both financially and perceptually. That doesn’t mean it won’t stick around for a while longer or even manage to rebound. That all depends on factors neither of us can accurately predict.


      1. Well, here’s the Official American release schedule so far. But will be several more movies added before the year is over, for 2014 3D Movies:

        The Legend of Hercules 3D “Jan 10, 2014”
        The Nut Job “January 17, 2014”
        I, Frankenstein (Comic Book Movie) January 24, 2014United States Australia
        Nurse 3D “Feb. 7, 2014”
        The Lego Movie “February 7, 2014”
        Pompeii 3D “Feb. 21, 2014”
        Stalingrad 3D “Feb. 28, 2014”
        300: Rise of an Empire “March 7, 2014”
        War of the Worlds: Goliath 3D “March 7, 2014”
        Mr. Peabody & Sherman “March 7, 2014”
        Need for Speed 3D “March 14, 2014”
        Noah 3D “March 28, 2014”
        Captain America: The Winter SoldierApril 4, 2014United States 2.39:1
        Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D “April 4, 2014”
        Rio 2 “April 11, 2014”
        Make Your Move 3D “April 18, 2014”
        The Amazing Spider-Man 2 “May 2, 2014”
        The Protector 2 3D “May 2, 2014”
        Legend of OZ: Dorothy’s Return 3D “May 9, 2014”
        Godzilla 3D “May 16”
        X-Men: Days of Future Past “May 23, 2014”
        Under the Electric Sky 3D “May 29, 2014”
        Maleficent “May 30, 2014”
        Edge of Tomorrow 3D “June 6, 2014”
        How to Train Your Dragon 2 “June 20, 2014”
        Transformers: Age of Extinction “June 27, 2014”
        Independence Day 3D (ID4) “July 2014”
        Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 3D “July 11, 2014″
        Planes: Fire & Rescue 3D”July 18, 2014”
        Jupiter Ascending 3D “July 18, 2014”
        Step Up 5: All In “July 25, 2014”
        Hercules 3D “July 25, 2014”
        Guardians of the Galaxy “August 1, 2014”
        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D “Aug. 8, 2014”
        Into the Storm 3D “August 8, 2014”
        John Wick “August 15, 2014”
        Sin City: A Dame to Kill for 3D “August 22, 2014”
        The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom 3D “August 2014”
        Resident Evil 6: Armageddon 3D “Sep. 12, 2014”
        Dolphin Tale 2 3D “September 19, 2014”
        The Boxtrolls “September 26, 2014”
        Most Welcome 2 “Oct. 2, 2014”
        Book of Life 3D “Oct. 17, 2014”
        Quija “October 24, 2014”
        Big Hero 6 3D “Nov. 7, 2014”
        Home “November 26, 2014”
        Asterix: The Land of the Gods 3D “November 26, 2014”
        Exodus: Gods & Kings “December 12, 2014”
        The Hobbit: There and Back Again

        As you can see, there is currently more 3D Movies this year, then any previous year. And the Official 2013 list of 3D Movies, shows at least 45 3D Premiers in America, during 2013 alone.

        Please do better fact checking then just boxoffice.com & movieinsider.com. There are way more better sources then those.

        And the fact is, that TV companies, like Sony & VIZIO have been discontinuing 2D 1080p TVs, and just focusing on 3D 4K TVs for a reason.

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      2. It’s been my experience that people who say something like ” I don’t care if they’re popular and others like them, even though I don’t.” usually find the negative side of 3D.

        Sometimes it gets downright funny. Like the time I called out an online reviewer for describing ‘out of screen effects’ as gimmicks. I asked if she somehow thought that everything in the James Bond movies were real. Needless to say I received no reply.

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        1. I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. It’s pretty normal for people who don’t like a certain thing to be indifferent about its popularity. I don’t “care” that Justin Bieber is popular, even though I don’t like his music. I’m just sharing my opinion on why I don’t like it. In this case, I’m pointing out reasons for why I think 3D is on the decline, disclosing the fact that I’m not a fan and that my bias is interwoven into my article. I’m not a journalist, and I’m not trying to be objective. I’m just stating my case.


          1. Have you look at sells of 3D screenings VS. 2D screenings for such movies as Gravity & I, Frankebstein & 300: Rise of an Empire & Captain Maerica 2 & Amazing Spider-Man 2 & Godzilla 3D & X-Men Days of Future Past & Maleficent & Edge of Tomorrow & Trabsformers 4 & Hercules 3D & Guardians of the Galaxy & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D?

            Plus there not single place anyone knows, where they can purchase a new 2D TV. Not 1080p nor 4K HD.

            3D TVs seem to be the only thing in stock. The “New Nintendo 3DS” has been announced and is coming out in 2015. The 2D TVs are being discontinue left & right. And the 2DS is being discontinue to finally localize Flipnote Studio 3D and finally release full 3D movies on the Nintendo 3DS, in 2015.

            The movie theaters have given 7 or so months of premiering movies with more 2D screenings then 3D screenings during their first week release in the cinemas, and now they have given up on 2D screenings since August 8 2014 or earlier, because the sales for 2D screenings are never their in America. And the international market has near 90% of their sold screenings being 3D screenings.

            2D is going the way of “Black & White” except their is no use for filming anything in 2D in the future for any art style, where as B&W actually contributes a gimmick once in a while.

            Cell phones are being done in 3D again, and so are tablets, and this time it has been announced as a permanent feature.

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  9. Most cinemas have invested in 3d technology – and there appears to be a small overhead to making a movie in 3d. What I’m trying to address is “cost/benefit”. I think 3d will be here for the long haul.

    To the person who gets headaches from 3d movies – this occurs for some people. I found I had some eye fatigue from my first 3d movie, but it’s been better since… However, why would you outright ban 3d? I don’t like tomato – but it would be short-sighted of me to want tomatoes banned.

    While I’m at it, I’m a big fan of 48fps. It’s the same as computer screen technology. About 20 years ago, we used 15 or 17in monitors, usually that flickered due to low refresh rate. Today, no one in their right mind would get a low refresh rate monitor (even if it was free). Some of the articles slagging refresh rate are ignorant. People notice low refresh rate (eg. 3d movies that halve the slow 24fps). However, people do not notice issues for higher refresh rate (other than a lack of blur). Eg. Flickering flouro light? It has a lower refresh rate. You don’t see flickering for higher refresh rates.

    My bet – 3d and higher fps (hfr) will be around in 10 years.

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  10. I have been frustrated by the lack of 3d / Imax showings in my area of the fantastic animated movies released lately; ‘How to train your dragon’ , ‘Box Trolls’ and now only 1pm and 9pm showings of 3d ‘The book of life ‘


    1. Yeah, the animated movies don’t get that many 3D screenings, but the Live-Action movies get a lot of 3D screenings.

      I think it has to do with most sold animated movie tickets going to parents being dragged by their kids. And since their kids are new to the world, they can just buy their little 2 to 7 year old kid a cheaper 2D ticket for the same movie, which results in more sales for animated movies in 2D, which results in more 2D screenings for those CGI movies.

      This shouldn’t happen to movies like Frozen 2 & Wreck It Ralph 2. But yeah, most CGI movies are being screwed over by parents who don’t want to spend extra money on movies they think they have no interest in.

      This problem for animated movies should go away when both 2D & 3D movies cost the same price, which was suppose to happen in 2013 in America, but got push back. Anyways, the American cinemas will increase the 2D cost but decrease the 3D cost, having their ticket prices meet in the middle, which will be a great deal for 3D movie goers, and which will also fix the problem with CGI & stop-motion movies having too many 2D screenings.

      My theaters use to have more 2D screenings for animated movies, but that stop after the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in my area, so you might experience the samething within the next 12 months where your local area will start having more 3D screenings for animated movies. It seems like just a case of kids needing to physically grow up, to demand to see the animated movies in 3D.

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  11. im so glad its dying, most people i speak to including my wife get severe headaches from it and can’t enjoy 3D movies. while they dont bother me physically, i find them to be annoying. First of all i have to pay $10 more per ticket, secondly its mostly blurry scenes.

    The only incredible 3D movies were Gravity and Life of Pi. These were truly real 3D. If they make more of those movies i would keep watching them. So i usually so my research these days and study if they were shot in proper 3D cameras rather than post convert.


    1. Pretty much almost all 2014 3D live-action movies where like Gravity & Life of Pi.

      You should get back to the 3D cinemas.

      Even converted movies like ” Need for Speed ” where boss.

      From I, Frankenstein (January 2014) to Exodus & the Hobbit 3 (December 2014), this is the greatest time for 3D, now that they use it right all the time, excluding some CGI movies.

      And as I said before its not dying. There’s New Nintendo 3DS & new 3D smartphones & 3D tablets & more 3D movies then ever before. And the only country that sells 2D TVs is the USA, but even that has been drying up, leaving 2D TVs to soon go the way of the dodo. There are way more 3D movies now then ever before, and with no signs of stopping, seeing as 2015 currently has over 60 3D movies listed, and will be more listed for 2015 by the end of 2015……happens every year.

      And we are getting glasses-free 3D in movie theaters around the year 2020.

      The day the PS Vita died in the gaming market, is the day 2D was officially finally dying.


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  12. These numbers of 3d releases are wrong. Of major releases in 3d for 2014 there are 35 3d movies, so only a slight dip from 2012. 2015 looks to be about the same number as well as for 2016. So no, the number of 3d movies are not falling.


  13. Oh, well… I liked the 3D.
    And even if it’s a money making scene, buying 3D glasses is cheap(at least in my country),and you onl;y have to buy it once for X cinema.
    Yea, if you go to another, you need a different pair there, but why wouldn’t you just go the one you already went to,and already have the glasses?
    Let’s see:
    1. Go to a different cinema, further away from you, and pay for a new pair of glasses.
    2. Go to the same cinema, closer to you, and don’t need to pay again for glasses.


  14. hi there 3d tablets and 3ds are going strong but lg thrill htc evo 3d and amazone fire phone got discontinued 3d tvs are great a have a 32 inch sony 3d tv 3ds 3ds xl and new 3ds xl

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  15. I can’t quite relate to this idea that 3d is only for specific types of movies, anymore than colour is for specific types of movies. We see the world around us in color, we hear it in stereo with two ears and we see it in 3d with two eyes. We used to have black and white pictures and mono sound. The mono sound became stereo, the black and white gave way to colour. Why is the move to add 3d considered by so many people to be almost unnatural and unnecessary? You can watch movies perfectly well in 2d, but you can also watch them perfectly well in black and white and with mon sound. But why do so when you don’t have to? Every extra capability adds another dimension to the mix and improves the experience. 3d is not essential, but it adds to the experience, or at least it does if you are not one of those people who do not have the ability to see 3d properly. I think it should simply become the norm.

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    1. I fully agree. This is what I’ve been saying for a long time, everything in real life is in surround sound and 3D & color, so why shouldn’t people watch something like a movie in 3D.

      Plus it’s because of 3D that we get our first mobile device to use IPS screen, and that’s the New 3DS XL top 3D screen. Still good battery life on New 3DS XL despite the battery draining screen.

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    2. I think what you’re talking about will manifest itself in a completely different way from 3D. Something that doesn’t become an invisible benefit after a few short minutes, I mean.


  16. I thought I update with a preview of some 2015 3D:

    Divergent 2: Insurgent
    Dragonball Z Frieza Resurrection
    Avengers 2
    Mad Max 4: Fury World
    San Andreas
    Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4)
    Terminator 5
    Pan (Peter Pan)
    The Fantastic Four
    Hotel Transylvania 2
    The Peanuts movie
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2
    The Martian
    Star Wars episode 7
    Mission Impossible 5
    The Maze Runner 2

    Fast & Furious 7 might be 3D.

    There are over 100 movies this year, but some of them are foreign 3D movies only premiering in their country this year.

    It seems that Chinese movies might get a mainstream screening, at least in America. I personally love how Chinese movies have gotten their groove back and then some….21st century style.
    I personally look forward to the localization of such 3D Chinese movies as Iceman 3D & The Monkey King 3D (also in 3D IMAX) & soo many more.

    And the full 3D American movies they have already release in Japan in Japanese dub on the NEW NINTENDO 3DS is coming to America in original American dub. Every Disney (they own Marvel comics) & Warner Bros. (they own DC Comics) & Dreamworks (such movies as Need for Speed) will have every 3D movie they ever made and will make; on the Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 3DS & XL. Also select 3D movies from other studios are coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


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    1. Strange you bring up the Nintendo 3DS, which is pretty much obsolete now that Nintendo is finally starting to cave with mobile gaming apps.

      3D remains as it always has. A gimmick most people put up with because its too lucrative for the studios and theaters to drop. So they set the schedule to have 3D movies falling on the most convenient times for moviegoers in order to make the most money possible. That’s fine, and I don’t fault theaters one bit for trying new ways to keep the cinema alive. But if the choice truly rested with the consumer, you’d find fewer and fewer 3D movies getting a time slot.

      My opinion also remains. Though theaters have found a clever way to keep the business alive for their own financial gain, I personally find it to be a complete waste of money, and frankly pointless for almost every movie that bother to use it.


      1. Nintendo said their releasing mini games on smart devices. No word if it’s exclusive or cross buy. NX is a 3rd system, not a handheld nor a home console, I believe it’s said to be a optional smart phone to play the phone Nintendo mini games on a more Nintendo design specific smartphone for their mini games for smartphones, but you can purchase and play them on Andriod and iOS with different specific motion & touch controls if you want. I’m not worry about smartphones getting mini games that might not be exclusive.
        And Nintendo specifically said they will still release their full fledge games on handhelds & home consoles, but they decided to release casual experiences on smartphones. They actually made a similar announcement before, but not they are getting into more specifics about their casual games for smartphones (i.e. Angry Birds type of games, but by Nintendo). And the New 3DS has already outsold the PS4 (500 GB internal memory) during February 2014, so I don’t see Nintendo ditching a Handheld thats outselling all 3 Home Consoles, just because the Home Conole business is a dying market, maybe the Wii U. I predict the 3DS will outsell all other Consoles (Handheld & Home) lifetime…the sells are there for another few years, so easily over 100 million at worst case scenario, can’t say the same for Home Consoles being that lucky.

        3D actually thrives because the international market has & is always over 88.0% 3D screenings, while the united states market has & is always over 60%. They tried from for 7 to 12 months of always offering more 2D screenings then 3D screenings during the first 7 days of release of each 3D movie, but always had to adjust it the second as the opposite because people just waited for the 3D screenings during the first week for each premiere movie……the theaters gave up on starting off with more 2D screenings during first week, back in August 2014, but before then, they did try for 7 or more straight months, but consumer wait for what they want.

        As for thinking 3D is a gimmick, why don’t you check out such upcoming movies as Jurassic World and/or Mad Max 4: Fury World and/or Star Wars 7 and/or Pan in 3D. It’s worth checking out at least 1 of these 4 movies in 3D this year.

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        1. You’re not thinking longterm. Nintendo is entering this agreement by easing into mobile games because they literally can’t cannibalize sales for their most profitable product (the 3DS). But the writing’s on the wall for portable gaming, and Nintendo is apparently accepting that. Eventually, they’ll fully commit to either being a software mobile gaming company or revamp their console hardware. Or both.

          Also, a lot of your information is BS. 3D sales for international theaters has been going down (slightly but surely) since 2012, despite an increase in 3D movies being released. Also, there’s a still significant number of international theaters that haven’t converted to digital, so you have to keep that in mind when you make these assertions about box office trends.

          Look, I don’t really understand why you’re so passionate about this technology, to the point where you feel like everyone should agree with you. I don’t care enough to keep arguing about this. Do you work for a theater chain? Why are you so heavily invested in this?


          1. But the 3D sales are going up in ameruica slightly but surely, they will meet in the middle, but the old people are the ones who see 2D and the people under age 35 are the ones who see in 3D.

            Nintendo said there’s no room to make casual games on dedeicated handheld & home consoles anymore, but that they want to make a lot of casual games like they use to for DS & Wii. Nintendo also said they are trying to find the best market to start making casual games again.

            The fact is that full fledge games; i.e. Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) & Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) only have a market on handhelds & Home Consoles, but casual games; i.e. Candy Crush Saga & Angry Birds have almost all their market on smartphones & tablets.

            You’re not thinking long term, if Nintendo wants to keep making casual games like “Mario & Donkey Kong Tipping Stars” (3DS & Wii U cross platform buy $19.99) & Pokémon Shuffle (3DS free-to-play/F2P), then they have to stop making those games for Wii U & 3DS and start making those games for Smartphones & tablets.

            Let’s face the facts, full-fledge games with big budget and several years of production make next to no money on smartphones & tablets, but make lots of money on Handhelds & Home Consoles i.e. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon & Monster Hunter 4 & Star Fox Wii U & etc.
            But casual games like Candy Crush Saga or Nintendo’s own mini games like $19.99¢ Mario & Donkey Kong Tipping Stars, don’t make much money on handhelds and Home Consoles, but will make a lot of money on smartphones & tablets, and therefore can charge a cheaper price like a maximum of $8 for Nintendo games and make lots of money off of free-to-play game (F2P) like Pokémon Shuffle on smartphones & tablets, while these casual games never make much money on video game systems.

            There have been big budget games release on smartphones & tablets at both cheap & expensive prices, but they never do well. They have been casual games release on Handhelds & Home Consoles, but they never do that much good.

            You can only make big budget three-dimensional graphics games like Super Mario Galaxy on video game systems, but you can only make small budget quickly produced 2D sprites games on smart devices.

            This is a 100% proven fact.

            Besides, Nintendo 1st party titles of big budget and years of development sell up to like 30 million copies on Nintendo systems like Mario Kart lifetime sells after 10 years on the market per Mario Kart game. But PlayStation games like Uncharted are confirm to be getting ported to Smartphones & Tablets & Smart TVs.

            Liked by 1 person

  17. I own almost every 3D Blu Ray movie ever made! 184 and 31 documentaries! and still counting! 3D will never die! Someday I’ll find a way to convert my favorite movies! Everything we see in real life is 3D! (Except a 2D image). Some think 4K will replace 3D?! Well I have a 4K 3D TV! There is nothing better than 3D!


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