The Pixar Theory Timeline

Pixar Theory TimelineSince the initial release of The Pixar Theory, there have been countless changes and updates to the Pixar Theory timeline. Since it can get a little complicated (and nutty), I put together a new and improved outline that follows the book and includes all of the recent and upcoming Pixar movies. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There’s plenty I don’t go over here and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so if you want the full Pixar Theory experience with connections, Easter eggs, and explanations for what’s going on, click here to check out the book.

Otherwise, enjoy this full look at the Pixar Theory Timeline, starting with The Good Dinosaur.

Pixar Theory Timeline


And that’s the Pixar Theory timeline. In a nutshell. A very very very long nutshell. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much I did laying it out, and if you have any questions, confusions, or frustrations, feel free to hit me up in the comments or dig into the full book, which does a lot more to explain what in the world is going on in this timeline.

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901 thoughts on “The Pixar Theory Timeline

  1. I think Onward takes place after Monsters Inc because they are on another planet (terraformed maybe) that has two moons.

    Soul probably takes place after Coco and provides more connections between the Wisps of Brave and the magic they seem to emanate to create energy.

  2. Um, this may not be canon, but in Partysaurus Rex, the toilet seat has fur on it that’s looks like Sully’s fur, so maybe he was killed.

  3. a movie about boo is coming out soon so youre gonna have to rethink the timeline

  4. This is just mind-blowing. I will think about this next time I watch a Pixar movie

  5. I came here after watching Film Theries.

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