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You’ll never be satisfied with your work if it constantly reflects the properties of others. Relying on the content of others is not bad at all until it becomes your model.

Create something. If you have a good idea, write it down and share it with people you trust. It’s not as valuable if you didn’t put yourself into it.

Writers. Don’t just do reviews of other things. Reviews are great and helpful for your audience, but try making something worth reviewing.

Professionals. Be ambitious and create something of value for your company. Do what you have to in order to create ideas and plans that will get you ahead.

Social media lovers. Don’t just spread quotes and photos you didn’t come up with. Create your own content alongside the things you find interesting, and show why you are an opinion-leader.

New professionals. Have fun with your work! The nature of your profession is that you are constantly learning and growing. Use that to your advantage and build something!

You won’t always get stellar results, but your goal should be to have pride in something. Something that is your own.

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