Lessons I Learned from the Real World of PR


What can you really expect from the living the life of a public relations professional?

I gave a speech a few weeks ago to a room full of college students who happen to be PR hopefuls. A lot of the speech covered what I want to talk about here, but the main takeaway for me was how surprised I was by the comments afterward. Continue reading

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The Trouble With Insurance


Hey readers! Check out my latest article in the mental health field: The Trouble With Insurance – A Millennial’s Perspective

It covers my personal story about insurance as related to my troubling realizations that I am (in fact) getting older. Be sure to give me some feedback, as I will be hoping to publish more medical-related articles on in the future (not for this site though).



How I Met Your Mother’s Final Season: Should You Be Watching?

how i met your mother

It’s finally here. The mother of all shows is approaching the moment that’s been built up since, get this, 2005 when Bob Saget first sat his kids down to tell this 8-year story. Speaking as a fan whose first viewing of this show was in 2007 on an airplane (it was the season 1 finale, which was actually the best way for me to get hooked), I’m not a diehard veteran of the series since the first day. Continue reading